“How to Stop Your Self-Sabotage: Steps to increase your Self-Confidence”

So many people come into my office to confide their secret they don’t feel good enough or that somehow they’re not up to it.  Others are always better than them.  Some say that they are often afraid that the “imposter police” will show up and they will be found out. They somehow believe that they are a fraud, not genuine, not the real deal and that they have spent a life “faking” it.

Males tell how they are worried about talking to the opposite sex and vice-versa. People tell how they are afraid to go for the next promotion or to apply for another job (any job!).

Others report how they didn’t volunteer for a project or didn’t say something at a meeting or in a group because they felt embarrassed. They are afraid of looking silly or “stupid” or saying something wrong.

Still others have said that they know that they are not achieving what they could; that they are capable of more, but somehow, they are just not doing it. It is just not happening for them. They are selling themselves short. They are playing small.

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