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How to lift self-confidence, stop settling for second best and putting up with life as it is, AND instead, achieve what you really desire and want for yourself.

You deserve better and by implementing certain psychological principles, you can become who you were destined to be, reaching your goals and feeling proud of yourself and what you’ve achieved.  You owe it to yourself.

Dear Frustrated Traveller,

My name is Dr. Darryl Cross and in the next few minutes, I want to show you how you can get out of your current situation where you sell yourself short, and feel that you don’t measure up, feel under-confident and don’t quite make it and instead, be the person who you wish you really were or the person you’ve dreamed of becoming.

I want to tell you about the keys to being a better you which have been refined over the last 30 years or more of my work as a psychologist and coach. They work.

Too good to be true? Not if you ask those scores of people who have implemented the lessons from this book called “How to Stop Your Self-Sabotage: Steps to increase your Self-Confidence”.

A new life awaits you as you understand that your self-confidence is made up of basically three basic, fundamental psychological principles which if used properly can revolutionize your life.

You will surprise yourself at who you can become and what you are capable of.

What do you this is the most common issue that I have been asked in all my time of being clinical and coaching psychologist? What is the one issue that people secretly ask about?

That’s right. “How can I improve my self-confidence”? “How can I increase my self-esteem?” “How can I feel less shy?” “How can I feel less embarrassed?” “How can I be more outgoing?”

Alternatively, I’ve had clients say things like, “I want to be more confident,” “I want to be less self-conscious,” “I want to be more assertive and not to be afraid to say what I think,” “I know that there’s more out there for me”, “I want to stop second-guessing myself,” and finally, “I want to stop sabotaging myself.”

Without any doubt at all, these have been the most commonly asked questions and the most common opening statements from clients throughout my whole career. These are the primary questions and issues.

These are the questions and statements from all ages, from both sexes, from all cultures and communities. So, you are not alone. You’re in good company as they say.

“It’s been said that we’re our own worst enemy’ when it comes to finding the success we strive for. There have been countless books written on the subject of ‘success’ but few are as succinct and action focussed as this one.

The author takes you through the process of understanding what makes us tick, explains that it’s normal to have self doubt and provides simple but effective exercises to turn around your thinking.

To quote from the book – ‘Feelings of inferiority are learned – therefore they can be unlearned! Darryl Cross shows you how.”

Harry Kras, reviewed on Amazon USA